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Latest Stories

What should I do if I have a new mole?

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer check

Have you noticed a new freckle on your skin that wasn’t there before? Or maybe a mole has recently changed or grown. Perhaps your loved one pointed out a suspicious lesion which you hadn’t seen before...

Have you had your skin cancer check this winter?

CATEGORY: skin cancer check

Did you know that winter can be the ideal time for a skin cancer check? In the cooler months, your skin is usually covered by layers of clothes to keep you warm. This means you've had less UV exposure...

Should I see a Skin Cancer Doctor, GP or dermatologist for my skin cancer check?

CATEGORY: skin cancer doctor, skin cancer check

Often, patients ask us what is the difference between coming to see our Skin Cancer Doctors for a skin cancer check rather than a GP or dermatologist. In this short video, Dr Hamilton Ayres explains h...

7 ways to prepare for your skin cancer check

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer check

Skin cancer checks are one of those regular medical check-ups that should be fixed in every Australian’s annual calendar. It is recommended that all adults see their doctor for a full-body skin exam a...

National Skin Cancer Action Week 2020

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer diagnosis, Prevention, skin cancer check

Looking after your skin health is always essential, but for one week every year, we have a special reminder about the importance of taking action against skin cancer, knowing your risk, and protecting...

5 health checks you need to have

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer check, skin check

Medical screenings and routine health check-ups undoubtedly save lives. Early detection of certain diseases and cancers can significantly improve your chances of survival and are often the catalyst fo...

6 tips to prep your skin for summer

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skincare, skin cancer check, skin tips

Summer is on the horizon, bringing with it some hotter days, longer daylight hours, and better conditions for enjoying the outdoors. As we pack away our jackets and reach instead for the short sleeves...

What's involved in a skin cancer check?

CATEGORY: Detection, skin cancer check

Living in the country with the highest skin cancer rate in the world, skin cancer is top of mind for many Australians. After all, two thirds of us will develop the disease by the age of 70 and one Aus...

Top 6 tips to prepare for your skin check

CATEGORY: Detection, skin cancer check

Did you neglect your skin health during the coronavirus pandemic? It's really important to catch up on all your general health check-ups, especially when it comes to conditions that won’t wait, such a...