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Latest Stories

How can I prepare my kids for my skin cancer surgery?

CATEGORY: skin cancer surgery, skin cancer, skin cancer treatment

If you have an upcoming skin cancer procedure, you probably have a lot on your mind. If you are a parent, one of those things might be how your kids will react to your surgery – after all, any bandage...

Why you shouldn't try at-home mole removal

CATEGORY: skin cancer surgery, skin cancer, skin cancer treatment, mole removal

You've noticed a worrying wart, a changing mole, a freckle that wasn’t there before, or maybe a skin tag you would rather be without. You’re not thrilled about seeing a doctor for your concern – it’s ...

Everything you need to know about skin cancer on the lip

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer treatment

A common place for skin cancers to develop is on the lip, likely because the face receives a lot of sun exposure over our lifetime and the lips are often missed when we apply sunscreen. If you have be...