What is a medi-aesthetic facial?

There’s nothing like a facial for an instant pick-me-up for both your skin and your mood. A growing trend is the medi-aesthetic facial: ideal for cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating skin using medical-grade products and tools. So, what exactly is a medi-aesthetic facial and how is it different from your regular facial?

Medi-aesthetic facials are a customisable treatment that can be tailored to treat your individual skin concerns. They are commonly used to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, discolouration, pigmentation and acne.

These treatments can be combined with other aesthetic procedures such as cosmetic injectables to enhance results, but are also great on their own for clear, radiant and refreshed skin.

They may sound similar to spa facials – and in many ways they are – but medi-aesthetic facials are performed in a doctor’s office using medical-grade products and tools, offering more effective results. The skin can be treated at a deeper level using more robust products.

A range of premium skin products - including serums, toners, exfoliators, masques, balms and sunscreens – are used to achieve results that are difficult to get from a regular spa facial. These products are carefully combined depending on your specific skin concerns to achieve optimal results.

Since these treatments go deeper into the skin and use medical-grade tools, safety and experience is key. Medi-aesthetic facials are performed by an Aesthetic Nurse or Skin Therapist who practices under the supervision of an Aesthetic Doctor. They are only performed in a medical setting.

Medi-aesthetic facials are available with our qualified team at National Skin Repair Centres to treat concerns including wrinkles and lines, discolouration and pigmentation, and acne. We will work with you to help you understand your specific skin needs and will recommend a tailored treatment plan.

You can learn more about our medi-aesthetic facials here.