When is the best time to get a skin cancer check?

Is there an ideal time to get a skin cancer check? In this short video, Dr Alvin Prakash talks about the best time to schedule your regular full-body skin exam.

"I think the best time to get a skin cancer check is whenever you're available," says Dr Prakash. "Winter is a particularly good time."

He says that the cooler months make topical skin cancer therapies a little more comfortable for patients to tolerate.

Did you know?

Winter can be an ideal time for a skin cancer check because it's often easier for your doctor to see suspicious cell changes without the disguise of your summer tan! Plus, wait times for an appointment are typically shorter between May and August.

Dr Prakash says it's vital for all Australians to get regular skin checks, especially people with a family or personal history of skin cancer, because early detection of skin malignancies provides the best chance of successful treatment and cure.

Watch the full video with Dr Alvin Prakash: