Where can skin cancer develop?

Where on the body does skin cancer grow? In this short video, Dr Kerry Summerscales explains the areas where skin cancer is most likely to develop on both men and women, including some surprising locations she has found skin cancers in her clinic!

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"Typically, women see more melanomas on their legs, while gents see skin cancer more on their trunk, upper body and face," says Dr Summerscales.

This is because skin cancer is most likely to grow in sun-exposed areas of the body. However, Dr Summerscales explains how skin cancer can develop anywhere, even in places that never see the sun. This includes skin cancer on the mouth, genitals, eyes, palms, soles of the feet, and even under your nails!

Dr Summerscales talks about skin cancer growing on the face, scalp and hair. Hair can sometimes help block the sun's UV rays (which cause the majority of skin cancers), but this isn't always the case. Even people with thick, dark hair can develop skin cancers on the head, especially down the hair part line, where people often forget to use sunscreen or wear a hat. 

"It's important that we find it and get rid of it," says Dr Summerscales - which is why regular skin cancer checks with your doctor are so important!

Watch all this and more in the full video above.