Why is it so important for our skin to stay hydrated?

Did you know our skin contains around 64 per cent water? Like any other organ, the skin requires proper nourishment to stay healthy, but we often neglect to look after it with adequate hydration. So why is hydration so important for our skin health?

From our mid-20s, our skin cells no longer self-exfoliate, which means that dead cells build up on the skin and leave it feeling dry and tight. That means we need to actively exfoliate our skin to prevent this build-up, which over time can cause the skin to look dull, dry and unhealthy.

The structure of our skin also becomes thinner as we age, leading to volume loss and sagging. Proper hydration can help prevent these concerns and maintain a fuller, plumper and more youthful look for longer.

Dry skin can also be a catalyst for acne breakouts, rosacea, dermatitis, and other more serious conditions.

To maintain proper skin hydration, it's important to nourish our bodies inside and out. Start with drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet filled with vitamin-rich foods. Keep up a regular skincare routine that includes exfoliation, a good moisturiser, and a vitamin C serum.

Certain aesthetic therapies can also help boost skin hydration, including medi-aesthetic facials and HydraFacial treatments.