Why should I see an Aesthetic Doctor rather than an injector nurse or a beauty therapist?

Many clinics and beauty salons offer aesthetic treatments at various prices and promising the best results. When researching the treatments provided at both salons and skin specialist clinics, they tend to look very similar. So, why should you see an Aesthetic Doctor rather than an injector nurse or beauty therapist?

A more holistic approach
While both Aesthetic Doctors and beauty therapists treat the skin, Aesthetic Doctors are degree-qualified in medicine and understand the connection between all the organs in the human body, not just the skin. Aesthetic Doctors don’t just treat a patient’s symptoms, but rather the underlying cause of the symptoms, and can adjust therapy according to your lifestyle.

Improved patient safety
Injectable fillers performed in an unaccredited non-medical practice carry an increased inherent risk including blindness, vascular necrosis, infection, permanent skin damage, and nerve paralysis. Injectable procedures should only be performed by doctors with postgraduate aesthetic qualifications, who are best equipped to address any safety concerns and who can offer after-hours support if you encounter any side effects or complications. There are many unregulated providers of aesthetic services who do not always put their patients’ safety first.

Better products for better results
Skin specialist clinics use bio-stimulant fillers which promote new collagen production and enhance skin quality to produce a natural, non-puffy or “overdone” look. Aesthetic Doctors aim to enhance and improve skin quality and texture and prevent the ageing process without making it obvious that you have undergone filler treatments. Nurse injectors and beauty therapists will often not provide this option and use generic hyaluronic acid fillers.

Enhanced techniques
Aesthetic Doctors will inject treatments directly into the skin, whereas beauticians will sometimes only “drizzle” the product on the skin’s surface. Most injectable treatments can be enhanced by including additional treatments such as skin needling or LED light therapy, which an Aesthetic Doctor will provide as part of your treatment plan. Aesthetic Doctors can also offer reversal injections to bring back a natural look if you have been treated elsewhere and are unhappy with the results.

Evidence-based medicine
When your skin treatment is performed by a certified Aesthetic Doctor in a verified skin specialist clinic, there are less risks involved. An Aesthetic Doctor is very careful in both diagnosing and treating your condition and will not provide treatments that don’t work or are unsuitable for your condition.

For healthy and beautiful skin without regret, always ensure that your aesthetic physician is certified with relevant qualifications, and not a beautician handling medical equipment like laser machines or toxin injections.

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