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Latest Stories

‘Zoom face’: The cosmetic trend of 2021

CATEGORY: eye problems, Treatment, Skin ageing, skin rejuvenation

Have you struggled with so-called ‘Zoom face’? That feeling when you see yourself on a video call and wonder if this is how you really look? Even adjusting the camera angle and the room’s lighting doe...

How to protect your eyes from skin cancer

CATEGORY: skin cancer, eye problems, Prevention

When you think of skin cancer, you might think of an ugly mole or freckle somewhere on your skin – maybe on your cheeks where they’ve seen too much sun, or your shoulders where you tend to tan. But th...

Everything you should know about skin cancer around the eyes

CATEGORY: skin cancer, eye problems

When we think of areas of the body most affected by skin cancer, most of us think of those highly sun-exposed areas like the arms, shoulders and nose. But did you know that a very common site for skin...

Let's talk about ageing eyes

CATEGORY: eye problems, Skin ageing, skincare, Liquid Gold Facelift

The eyes is one of those troublesome areas that plague us as we get older. From dark under-eye circles to puffiness and fine lines, the eyes can give away our age, stress levels and quality of sleep i...